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being the shaver crew || july 2019

July was not my strongest month when it came to blogging. My #1 priority was to share our Hawaii trip and thankfully, that got done! Outside of that, I really just shared weekly bump updates.

Real life, however, was a frantic mess. July was consumed by personal deadlines and Aaron got a job so our schedule changed dramatically.

After seldom blogging for a month, I was re-inspired at the beginning of August and caught up on some blog posts, including the 4th of July, our bath time victory, and getting our new train table set up – all of which actually happened in July.


Rylie loved playing in the playroom and going to the lake. She learned how to swim on her own too (with floaties) which only increased her desire to be in the water.


Emmaline continued to learn and grow in July and added a few new words to her vocabulary.


Meanwhile, I just had this constant feeling of being behind. But I had to remember that everything I wanted to get done would eventually which helped a lot. Hence why there were July photos / stories shared in August 😛


Aaron’s big news in July was he got a job. We are still trying to find our new rhythm with it (2 months later), but he has had so much favor there and we are so thankful.


Okay – here is July’s being the Shaver Crew video!

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