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aldi baby pouch popsicle recipe

I wish I could take the credit for this genius idea, but I can’t. Julie from the blog Peanut Butter Fingers shared it and after trying it myself, I had to pass it along.

We’ve never been baby food pouch people, but I do know a good price when I see one, and Aldi’s pouches are only $0.79 each!

I bought a popsicle mold from the dollar store and 6 different flavored pouches from Aldi.


Rylie helped me pour one pouch into each mold and we stuck them in the freezer. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a whole pouch fills one whole mold, so there was no leftovers or waste.


The next day we enjoyed the goodness and Rylie continually told me how good it was. 🙂


I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure you could do it with regular baby food too… worth a try. I’ll definitely try it once we cross the milestone with baby #3.

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