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being the shaver crew || august 2019

Compared to the rest of the summer, August seemed to go at a slower pace, which I actually appreciated. I did a lot of blogging, which I loved! I focused on my business in addition to catching up on some posts.

I also celebrated my 4-year-blog-iversary, we also took a road trip to Texas for a friend’s wedding and got our maternity pictures taken + had our baby shower.


Rylie started preschool which has been so fun! She has loved reading more too and helping me get stuff ready for our new family member.


Emmaline has loved playing independently but also enjoys playing with Rylie. There has been lots of learning moments of how to share, but it’s been good overall. Her vocabulary continues to grow and we are continually surprised by her maturity (in some areas anyway haha)


I felt very productive, which was great! I got things done for both my business and for the baby which was awesome and really helped me not feel so behind or stressed in some areas!


Aaron continued to work hard and spend time with us around the house on his off time. He has been a really busy guy but I am so thankful for all that he has been doing for our family lately!


Okay – here is August’s being the Shaver Crew video!

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