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bump update :: 36 weeks

Week 36



Symptoms :: I got another fever this week (only went up to 100.2 though and after I took one Tylonal pill it went away) but the majority of the week was a yucky cold full of congestion. I’ve been super tired this week (likely due to being sick) and my body has literally reached the point where if I do even 1% more than it is capable of, it completely shuts down and I cannot function. That being said, I am learning how to slow down (as best I can). 😛 I’m having to chose to say “no” to some things on my to-do list which feels so wrong but I have to remind myself that it really is okay.

Food Aversions :: nothing specific

Food Cravings :: fruit

Sleep :: I actually have lost count of how often I wake up throughout the night, but I definitely get up at least once to go to the bathroom, sometimes twice.

Looking Forward To :: getting labor over with and meeting our baby girl!

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I told Aaron the other day, “I’m not complaining, but I am ready for this kid to be out of me! I’m really done with being pregnant.” Hahahaha he told me he understood and assured me it would happen soon.

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