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letters to me || mom of 2

Dear me,

I know it’s been hard lately because you’re in the thick of it. I know you’re exhausted, wishing you could sleep because you think that would help prepare you for all the sleepless nights and time you’ll have to divide between your three girls. I know your energy has been lacking, which has caused you to wake up some mornings feeling discouraged before the day has even begun. But I wanted to remind you of some precious memories of you and your two girls before you emerge from this fog and you birth your third child, making you a mom of three little girls.



Remember when your thoughts were consumed with the unknown of what it would be like with two girls, and you were frantically trying to figure out how you could love anyone equally as Rylie, only to find it came so naturally and loving both of them was as easy as breathing.




Remember those first few months when you were trying to find your balance, learning how to juggle your two girls’ different personalities and needs. Eventually, you did 😉




Remember that moment you fully embraced being a “girl mom” and discovered that you loved it!



And then that glorious day came when you became a full-time stay-at-home-mom! It was an adjustment for everyone and there were certainty hard days, but everyone found their rhythm and it’s a so evident you were made to do this.



Now we’re going from two girls to three, and yeah, it’s going to be crazy at first. There is going to be a transition period and we’re all going to have to adjust to our newest family member. But once we find our groove, it is going to be a blast. Because there is something so magical about having girls – being a girl mom, watching sisters play together, and all wearing dresses and twirling in a field.


And until our third little girl joins us, I hope you intentionally soak up every moment you have as “just the three of us.”


And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired or discouraged, remember the revelation the Holy Spirit gave you one day. Every day, ask God two questions:

  1. How can I best serve my kids today?
  2. How can I best love my kids today?


You’re doing great Mama! This is such a sweet, unique, short season for your family of 4, and I don’t want you to miss it.



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