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bump update :: 38 weeks

With all the contractions I’ve been having lately, this is likely going to be my last bump update, so I wanted to say  thank you so much for following along with this pregnancy! It really has meant a lot to me that so many of you have read and commented on each week and cheered me on throughout this long but not long journey (haha :P).

Week 38


Symptoms :: Contractions are still a thing, but they are irregular and my doctor said I haven’t dilated more than 1/2cm. **face palm** But I’ve been having them more frequently and stronger, so…. 😉

Food Aversions :: nothing specific

Food Cravings :: sweets after lunch. Otherwise I want fruit!

Sleep :: I wake up tired but once I get going I’m okay. I’ve tried taking naps mid-day and I usually wake up more tired than when I went down. At night I wake up once or twice to use the bathroom.

Looking Forward To :: Tackling labor.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: We’re in the final days of pregnancy and everyone is on baby watch. Especially me. I’m timing my contractions but they’re so irregular that I don’t pursue going to the hospital but we are definitely almost there.

Rylie still loves to play doctor and check on Baby Paisley.

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