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letters to paisley || 38 weeks in my belly

Dear Paisley,

I’ll be honest with you sweet girl – this pregnancy is not what I expected. It was harder, more uncomfortable, and more physically exhausting than your sisters.



I found myself getting frustrated sometimes while you were in my tummy. Not at you! I had some unmet expectations for how I thought 2019 was supposed to go. But time after time, God reminded me of His intentionality. He reminded me that this was exactly the year you were supposed to be born. He has such big plans for you and none of them can happen if you aren’t born this year.

Even though we hadn’t planned for our family to grow this year, God did. You are exactly what our family needs.


A lot has happened this pregnancy, and it’s been easy to go through the motions. But now that you are literally going to be joining our family any day and I’m getting excited as I imagine what you’ll look like, what color hair you’ll have, the color of your eyes, what your personality will be like, etc.

You are so loved, cherished, wanted and full of purpose! We can’t wait to meet you, kiss you, hug you, raise you, and love on you, Baby Girl! ❤️

Love, with everything in me,



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