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letters to rylie & emmaline || big sisters

Dear Rylie & Emmaline,

Watching your first interaction with your new baby sister was precious, and I am in shock that all 3 of you were specifically crafted for our family.

Each of you brings something so unique  and I am so excited and expectant to see how each of your gifts and talents develop to further God’s kingdom.



Rylie – you were made for this. You were made to lead, encourage and help your younger siblings. Watching you care so deeply for Paisley even when she was still in my belly makes it evident that God designed you to be a strong, confident leader. I am so thankful that you have a desire to help me in every way, to care for my health and to guide (not boss! 😜😉) your younger siblings.


Emmaline – you are a big sister now, and you are going to carry that title beautifully and with such passion like you do everything else.


I love you, girls! All 3 of you!



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