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letters to emmaline || 18 months old

Dear Emmaline,

Where do I even begin? You’ve always been full of passion unlike anything I’ve ever seen, but these last 6 months have provided time for your personality to develop and it is a force to be recond with.



You still feel things deeply, but you also express them boisterously. Thankfully we’ve nailed down a few words that help us understand your thoughts and desires, but there is still so much unknown that we are working on discovering.


Probably the biggest part of you that has developed is your humor. You are hilarious! You are going to be the kid that makes us laugh, I can tell already. Sometimes I think you  know you’re funny which makes it even more hilarious.


You have grown to love Rylie in moderation haha meaning you have a limit to how much of her you can take. It’s a joy to watch the two of you play, imagine, laugh and get into mischief together. Okay, maybe not the mischief part, but still 😛



And now that we’ve welcomed Paisley into our family, seeing you as a “big sister” has brought on a new side of you that is going to be a treat to witness. The longer she is here the more interested you become and the way you kiss her and want to hug her is heart melting. I know that you will love her deeply and teach her all about shoes, style and the like when she’s older.


It’s been a fun and crazy 18-months, Little Love. And I am so excited for what is to come.



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