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week 1 with paisley

The beginning of our first week with Paisley was spent in the hospital.


Once we got home, we were greeted by a very excited big sister who begged to hold her new baby sister.


Life continued as usual… with slightly less sleep of course 😛



Because of the industry Aaron was working in (food service), he went back to work the day we got home from the hospital, so I had all 3 girls by myself right off the bat.


I mainly watched the older 2 play and we read books.


My mom was in town for a few days so we spent some time with her too. She came to Paisley’s first church service before heading out to the airport, which allowed for some pictures.


Our church people were extremely surprised to see us but excited to meet Paisley.


The rest of the week was spent loving on our new addition while adjusting to 3 kiddos.


The older girls were (and still are) obsessed with their baby sister and rushed to see her as soon as they woke up.



    Beautiful Baby Paisley is one week old and we’re simply obsessed with her!


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