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week 2 with paisley

Week 2 with Paisley kicked off with her newborn session, which I think turned out super cute!


A few days later, Aaron left for Arizona for the week. He was going for training for his new job, leaving me solo with the kids for 6 days.

We kicked things off with church, where Paisley and I happily sat in the back vs. our normal front row.


I purposefully kept us busy during the week in hopes time would go by quickly. This meant play dates and projects around the house. I wore Baby Paisley a lot, which made things a lot easier.


The girls helped me take a couple more newborn pictures of Paisley too. However, Emmaline was less than enthusiastic about being in the pictures haha


Paisley lived the typical newborn life – eat, sleep, poop.


As the week progressed, I was just trying to keep myself together (emotionally). It didn’t help that on the last night of Aaron being gone I got a fever (the highest it got was 102 but it mainly hung out at 100-101). At the time I blamed it on not resting enough – I did just have a baby and was definitely not allowing  my  body the rest it needed. All weekend the fever came and went, and when I called the doctor on Monday, I found out that it was likely caused by a clogged milk duct. Third kid and I didn’t even know that was possible.

Aaron flew home from Arizona for a couple days before he would head out again for Atlanta, Georgia to wrap up some work training (thankfully this one was only for 3 days), but I was sick the whole time he was home.

In the midst of all this, I kept myself from having a meltdown, but if one was gonna happen, it would have been during this picture.


Week 2 was tough. Mainly because I was solo while Aaron was out of town and unable to talk to me due to his schedule. But it was also tough because my hands were full and I was trying to figure out a way to balance all 3 of them while caring for myself (which obviously didn’t work since I got a fever haha).

But sweet Paisley was steady throughout it all and I started knowing what to except from her little newborn self which helped greatly.

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