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paisley – 1 month old

And just like that, we’re done with the newborn season and onto our first month.




  • being held
  • eating
  • burping
  • sleeping



  • getting changed
  • sitting in a blowout
  • having air in her tummy
  • being hungry
  • being tired
  • not being held





Paisley is a great eater, and nursing is going well. I already have an excellent freezer stash and I feel like we’ve created a solid routine (for the newborn days anyway). I nurse during the day but at night time I pump and give her a bottle.

Lately  she has been spitting up a lot after feedings, but nothing abnormal to newborn life.

At her 2-week appointment she weighed 8lbs 10oz – 3oz over her birth weight. Yay!




I really can’t complain in this department because I know it could be so much worse. She sleeps a majority of the day of course and at night she wakes up once or twice to eat, looks around for a bit and then falls back asleep but her sleep stretches at night are usually 4ish hours. The sleep stretches during the day are less predictable but they’re usually an hour to 4.






They say the third kid is easy, and I’d have to say Paisley is pretty chill. Not as relaxed as Rylie was because she can definitely work herself up and turn red/purple until you pick her up and rock her to calm her down, but incorporating her into our family has been easier than I expected.



Rylie is without a doubt obsessed with her and wants to be involved in everything – from feeding to getting her to sleep and picking her up (which we greatly frowned  upon). She quickly rushes to her aid when tears ensue and insists the tears are due to needing milk.


Emmaline on the other hand goes back and forth between caring about baby sister and living in her own little world. She does find great joy in giving Paisley gentle kisses and helping me burp her. And taking her pasi haha.


Sweet Paisley is definitely the 3rd child, and I find myself apologizing to her often for the crazy she was born into. She has very little personal space at the moment and is constantly being touched in some way. But I remind her how loved she is and thankfully she doesn’t mind (most of the time…).




When Emmaline was a few months old, we had some friends over for dinner. They had 3 kids themselves and they asked how the transition was going. We hesitated and they asked, “was it easier going from 0 to 1 kid or 1 to 2 kids?” Without hesitation, Aaron and I said “going from 1 to 2 has been the hardest.” And it was. The transition was way tougher than we expected. With a smile, our friends told us that 1 to 2 kids was the hardest transition and, knowing we wanted more children, reassured us that 2 to 3 kids was a much smoother transition. I held onto these words during my pregnancy with Paisley and now that we are living it, I would have to agree. The transition of adding her into our family has been smoother than I anticipated and I am so thankful!

My biggest struggle is not having enough hands and I’ve had to get creative multiple times as I juggle caring for 2 toddlers and holding a newborn.

Emmaline definitely reaches a point where Baby has received enough attention and she’s ready for some cuddles herself. I try to be intentional with each of my older girls when I can, but some (Rylie) are much more forgiving than others (Emmaline) haha.

Post-partum depression hasn’t been a thing for me this round, but I have had moments of feeling extremely overwhelmed (mainly when Aaron was training in AZ & GA and I was solo). But those moments are fleeting and I’m quick to find a verse or sing a worship song to help me refocus.


Want to see a more detailed breakdown of our first month with Paisley? Check out these posts:

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Rylie at 1 month old

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