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the pumpkin patch 2019

Last Tuesday (10.22.19) Aaron had the day off work so we decided it was a perfect day to go to the pumpkin patch. Neither of us love huge crowds so a weekday trip was perfect!

I found a patch 40 minutes from our house that we hadn’t been to before and it was adorable (and affordable)!


We started off by walking through the corn maze and the girls loved holding hands (which with Emmaline is some what of a rarity so I took pictures haha).


>> side note :: please notice in every picture Emmaline is clinging to Bunny who apparently has upgraded from “bedtime companion” to “has to go literally everywhere with us.” Hahaha that thing was filthy by the end of the day & definitely went through the washer. <<

They had fun activities like playing in corn and slides that the girls loved!


When we were ready to get our pumpkins, we waited for our tractor in a cute little barn full of hay.


The time finally came for us to browse the grounds for the perfect pumpkin, and the girls loved it!


After Aaron had searched for the biggest pumpkin he could find (only to realize they were all about the same medium size), we had snagged what we believed to be the best 3 pumpkins and got back in the tractor to get back to the main area.

Because Emmaline and Paisley were free and, therefore, didn’t get a pumpkin with their admission, we bought each of them a little mini pumpkin for a $1.

We decided we had done everything we wanted to and we were ready for some grub, so we got our family picture and headed out.


Our day ended with dinner at a cute hole-in-the-wall, iconic spot known for their cobbler. After a yummy and filling dinner, we indulged in their cobbler only to purchase two whole ones to bring home with us. Delicious!!!


Overall, it was a great day and a wonderful harvest memory for our family! Aside from the two diaper blowouts that Paisley had and the come-apart Emmaline decided to have at dinner. But hey, keeps life interesting hahaha!

I love that every year the girls are more excited, interested and interactive with this activity and I’m expectant for next year when we have 3 littles running through the patch! 🙂

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