being rylie, being sarah, letters

letters to rylie || 3 years old

Dear Rylie,

First, happy birthday Sweet Love! You’ve been anxiously awaiting this day since the beginning of September and I am so excited to celebrate you!


If I were to pick your love language, I would say quality time and physical touch are your biggest ones. You do not like to be alone and you give big hugs and kisses to everyone as often as you can.


You absolutely adore your sisters and are such a great leader to them! Emmaline is clearly your best friend and I love watching you girls play nicely together and hearing the two of you laugh is the best sound!



You are so much fun to be with Rylie! You are so funny and we say you have hawk eyes because of how well you see things far away. You are incredibly smart and love to ask what we’re doing (even when you know), and let’s not forget your extremely active imagination.


You are my tomboy, my superhero lover, my little mama, my big helper, my sweet love, my first born, the precious girl who made me a mom.

I love you so much Rylie!


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