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seattle trip overview 2019

Although we flew up to Seattle to attend my grandfather’s memorial and burial services, we were able to do some fun things that I am excited to share with you on the blog today. Saturday (5.18.19) was consumed with my grandpa’s memorial service and getting to bed at a reasonable hour in hopes that our… Continue reading seattle trip overview 2019

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telling close family and friends

One of our favorite parts of pregnancy is announcing it, especially to close family and friends. What made this one extra unique is that absolutely no one was expecting it. We had been pretty open about wanting more kids, but we had been very adamant that we were waiting a little bit and giving ourselves… Continue reading telling close family and friends

being aaron, being paisley, being sarah, pregnancy, the shaver crew

our 3rd +

2019 has been a very full year already for the Shaver Crew. Selling our house (which of course involves packing, projects and more), sudden family deaths (Aaron’s grandpa and my grandpa passed the same weekend), the normal day-to-day AND celebrating Emmaline’s 1st birthday, it’s been steady, to say the least. But what we haven’t shared… Continue reading our 3rd +