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emmaline’s newborn session – behind the scenes

Despite my months of planning for Rylie's newborn photo session, I was so focused on just getting Emmaline here that I didn't give newborn photos much of a thought. But on Wednesday (4.11.18), I broke out my newborn props and picked up my DSLR to photograph our newest addition. Since my mom was in town, she… Continue reading emmaline’s newborn session – behind the scenes

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at the hospital with emmaline

Emmaline's birth story was so different from Rylie's birth story, and each hospital stay was different as well. After Emmaline's rapid entrance into the world, I was quickly reminded the first night of our hospital stay that newborns do not sleep through the night, and despite the seemingly endless amount of energy I seemed to… Continue reading at the hospital with emmaline

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bump update :: week 38

Week 38: Symptoms ::  Occasional nausea, cramping, some contractions, lower back pain whenever I walk. I also feel like I’m more emotional lately, and I’m not sure if that’s pregnancy related or physical / emotional exhaustion kicking in. Probably both. Food Aversions ::  Nothing specific. Food Cravings ::  Nothing specific. I’ve actually become fairly passive… Continue reading bump update :: week 38