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Emmaline – 18 months old

Likes: Eating anything and everything Cheese Being carried around by her favorite people Walking Being tickled Running Bunny Books Shoes Getting dressed Playing pretend   Dislikes: Not being understood Not getting her way Rylie being too rough     Food:   Food has never been a problem with Emmaline, and that definitely hasn’t changed. Girl… Continue reading Emmaline – 18 months old

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letters to emmaline || 18 months old

Dear Emmaline, Where do I even begin? You’ve always been full of passion unlike anything I’ve ever seen, but these last 6 months have provided time for your personality to develop and it is a force to be recond with.   You still feel things deeply, but you also express them boisterously. Thankfully we’ve nailed… Continue reading letters to emmaline || 18 months old

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paisley’s birth story

I had been having off and on contractions for a couple of weeks, and there were a couple of times I thought I was in the beginning stages of labor only to be disappointed when the contractions suddenly stopped. At my 38 week appointment my doctor offered induction, and with my fluid a 7 (5… Continue reading paisley’s birth story