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telling close family and friends

One of our favorite parts of pregnancy is announcing it, especially to close family and friends. What made this one extra unique is that absolutely no one was expecting it. We had been pretty open about wanting more kids, but we had been very adamant that we were waiting a little bit and giving ourselves… Continue reading telling close family and friends

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once upon a time – emmaline’s 1st birthday party

We love the early birthday party themes to be a play on words that share the age of the kids. So far we’ve hosted: Wonder Woman (One-der Woman 😉) How 2 Train Your Dragon   When we started thinking about party themes I expressed my desire for a whimsical fairy tale style and Aaron and… Continue reading once upon a time – emmaline’s 1st birthday party

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highlands Christmas service 2018

Christmas at Highlands is one of my favorite events of the year! They always outshine the previous year with talent, creativity, songs + our pastor’s message and this year was no exception. As a tradition, we reserved seats for the Tribe to attend together at the main campus a few days before Christmas as the… Continue reading highlands Christmas service 2018