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being shaver kids || 18 months old & 1 month old

...and just like that, I am all caught up on videos! 😀   I feel like 18 month old Rylie did a lot of mental development. She can say most family member's names - including her own 😀 She also can say "A, B, C" and sometimes "D & E." Once we hit "F" she… Continue reading being shaver kids || 18 months old & 1 month old

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peyton’s 6th birthday party

After a wonderful, relaxing, slow-paced morning on Saturday (6.9.18), we got our swim gear together and headed out to our friend Peyton’s birthday party. Vien & Kristen are good friends of ours (you’ve met them before in seahawks vs. falcons), so when they invited us to their son’s birthday party, we were all about it.… Continue reading peyton’s 6th birthday party