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telling close family and friends

One of our favorite parts of pregnancy is announcing it, especially to close family and friends. What made this one extra unique is that absolutely no one was expecting it. We had been pretty open about wanting more kids, but we had been very adamant that we were waiting a little bit and giving ourselves… Continue reading telling close family and friends

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the final touches to sell our first home

We’re closing on our house this Friday (3.29.19) and it has been gas pedal all the way down for the Shaver Crew since Saturday the 16th. Packing and moving out took a chunk, but what has really consumed our time are some repairs that needed to happen for the buyer to get their FHA loan.… Continue reading the final touches to sell our first home

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being shaver kids || february 2019

February may have fewer days than the other months but it was packed with a lot for the Shaver Crew. We’re still in the process of moving so our schedule has been filled with lots of doing. This hasn’t stopped the girls one bit though. They are all over, messy, and developing in all kinds… Continue reading being shaver kids || february 2019